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Star Trek. Funerals. Kids. Social Networks. What does all THAT have in common?

They’ve all been on my mind, as I mull over the next generation.

Huh? OK, indulge me a little rambling…

I always loved the original Star Trek TV series (and some of the follow-on full-length films – The Wrath of Khan was the best of them IMO). In fact, I kind of resented the efforts made to create follow-up TV series, and didn’t watch them for the longest time – until I started getting hooked on Star Trek, The Next Generation. Great characters, great sci-fi plots, forward-thinking tech, family-friendly, fun. And the more recently released Star Trek motion picture (the prequel) is delightful.

It’s hard to let go of something “first-generation” that you grew up with and loved. But sometimes, the next generation can be a true advance. Keep an open mind….

An aged uncle passed away last week, and I attended his funeral. He was the last of that generation in the family tree – my brothers and I are next. For me, that’s not a reason to tremble or be depressed, but to push forward with even greater vigor. To advance. They carried the torch for their mile. Let’s see if I can move it forward farther & faster, and advance a whole bunch of others in the process. What else matters…?

I can only go to so many places where no man has gone before. The next generation of explorers, my boys, have to take up the mantle and lead. And when they do…it’s amazing. Parenting is so much heads-down work, but then you glance up and see brightness in the future…

In the social networking world, I have discovered many peers, who are a true delight. Yet just as delightful are the younger folks, the next generation, who are catching a vision for new ways to conduct business, and who will accomplish much greater things than us digital immigrants who are helping break up the new on-line ground. Mentoring is a two-way street…

I liked the bridge of the original Enterprise. I liked Kirk and Spock and Bones and all the others. But you know, this next generation is pretty darned wonderful also. I aspire not to be stuck in the past, or even in the present. Who wants to join me in the Holodeck??


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