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Stewardship: Our Generous God *

We often experience a fear-based default setting in our souls, imagining God is distant, austere, and harsh. I know I certainly experienced that unpleasant sense (and still have to battle it back at times).

From the moment Adam and Eve sinned, they felt the guilt of their rebellion, and hid from God. We’ve been hiding every since.

We, who were made for easy fellowship in the light of God, now live in spiritual darkness.

So we are prone to believe the lie that God is cruel. Nasty. An unpleasant being. Who would want to come to a God like that, right??

However, Psalm 145, which we have been meditating on this week, puts the lie to that notion:

17 The Lord is righteous in all his ways
and kind in all his works.

If I breathe my next breath today, it is because of God’s sustaining kindness. If I feel the warmth of the sun, it is because of God’s rich provision (and, here in frozen NJ, I’d really like to feel more of that warmth!!) If I take God’s name in vain, while still enjoying food, sanity, health, shelter, the love of family and friends, the joy of a pet, the softness of a bed, the taste of coffee, and a thousand other undeserved blessings…well, that is all because of the kindness of God.

His generous kindness is written all over all of His works, for those who open their eyes to see. Even those who actively deny Him are feeding every moment from His kindness.

Every Christmas Eve, we watch Scrooge as a family. There, the austere and cold one is Uncle Ebenezer, and affectionate nephew Fred is the one showing love and seeking to thaw his uncle’s shriveled heart.


And every Christmas season, Scrooge says, “Bah, humbug!” Yet Fred persists, explaining to his wife that he means to show his uncle kindness every year. Finally, Scrooge’s blind eyes and shriveled heart are opened – he receives mercy and kindness, and learns to give it to others.

He, who was the worst of stewards, began to take care of others.

Mankind is distant and cold. God is warmly present. It is we who need God-kind – and He is right there, ever filled with kindness, waiting for us to open our eyes and hearts to see and believe.

The best stewards are feasting on mercy and kindness.


* This series is part of a 12-week study on the topic: Being Stewards of God <— (outline). We’re now in week 3, staring directly into the generous heart of God. If you’d like to receive these posts in your inbox, just put your email address in the Email Subscription box on the blog’s right sidebar >


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