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Making Sense of Prayer

I’ve always envied those who seem to pray so naturally, with such child-like faith.

Prayer, for me, has always been a tangled struggle of half-belief, pressure to perform, and guilty feelings of failure Рespecially when you read, say, the biography of George Muelller or some other stellar disciple of the past. Prayer has too often focused on me, not God.

Why such struggle? I don’t think it’s really about prayer itself. It likely stems from tangled and half-blind view of God, particularly as my gracious Father. Add to that a proudly independent spirit, and you don’t have a recipe for child-like faith.

Looking within never produced believing prayer.

Yet – God is infinitely patient with His erring, stubborn, myopic children.

I really need to see prayer as my believing collaboration with a willing Father in the outworking of His will, rather than my doubting performance trying to live up to the standards of a grudging God – trying to convince Him to do my will.

I get it so backwards most of the time.

Lord, I don’t know why you bother with the likes of me. But thank You for Your unending grace.

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