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Stewardship: Our Generous God *

Just how generous is God?

Let’s take a look, this week, at how Psalm 145 paints the portrait of God’s immense heart of goodness and kindness. As we look at the first seven verses today, consider the superlatives used to describe God and His works (I have bolded these words below):

1 I will extol you, my God and King,
and bless your name forever and ever.
2 Every day I will bless you
and praise your name forever and ever.
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised,
and his greatness is unsearchable.

4 One generation shall commend your works to another,
and shall declare your mighty acts.
5 On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.
6 They shall speak of the might of your awesome deeds,
and I will declare your greatness.
7 They shall pour forth the fame of your abundant goodness
and shall sing aloud of your righteousness.


The psalmist writes of overflowing expressions of praise, because God is exceedingly great in all of His being and His works. Words are inadequate to capture how infinite God is in all of His attributes – including His generosity.

Why does this matter to us? Well, stewardship is all about care – pouring out oneself to provide for and cultivate others. God is THE primary example set before us in creation (Psalm 65:9-13), in redemption (Ephesians 2:4-7), and in daily providence (Matthew 6:25-34).

Will we be good stewards? The starting point is right here in Psalm 145 – meditating richly, in our minds and hearts, on the greatness of God. Gazing ever more deeply into His exceedingly generous heart, we cannot help but become more like Him (1 John 3:1-3).


* This series is part of a 12-week study on the topic: Being Stewards of God <— (outline). We’re now in week 3, staring directly into the generous heart of God. If you’d like to receive these posts in your inbox, just put your email address in the Email Subscription box up there on the right sidebar >


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