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You’re a man. And you’re down – a lot.

But depression? That’s for weaklings. Pills? Therapy? Not for men.

Get a clue, brother.

Manhood does not equal being stupid. And if you have a clogged artery near your heart, you don’t tough it out on your own and pretend it will go away.

You get it treated. Because it’s profoundly selfish not to.

I toughed it out for decades. Tried to “manage” and control the darkness. Finally hit the wall. Then, with the help of some medicine, I became a new man. The clouds cleared.

Maybe you think it’s shameful to admit that there could be a problem you can’t resolve by force of will. News flash: biochemistry does not yield to machismo. Darkness of soul is not something to be trifled with. Get some help.

October 7th is National Depression Screening Day. It’s as good a day as any to get a clue about what may be draining your strength and vitality. Taking a pill or getting some other form of treatment is far better than years of regret.

Take it from me. And while you’re at it, take it from you. You don’t need depression. Real men need to say No! to this thief of vigor and life – but first, you say “yes” to getting checked out.

[You know all that disclaimer language about “this is not medical advice,” “consult with your doctor” “your results may vary” “brush your teeth twice a day” etc? Yeah – insert that here]


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