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Heading Home….

NOTE: Listing price just reduced!

It feels really weird to have that sign out front.

Yes, after 25 years in New Jersey (we’d only intended to stay for four!), we’re looking to return to our homeland. We’re New England people. Our families are (mostly) in Connecticut.

We love our rock-solid colonial here in Boonton. Countless hours of loving labor went into turning this unique property into a little landscaped oasis in New Jersey. So many have come and spoken of their “house envy”…now we get to pass this gem on to its next owner.

Starting my own company almost 4 years ago, one goal was to have a fully “portable” business that would allow us to live anywhere and still service my clients everywhere. That goal, through hard work and network-building and great technology tools, has been accomplished.

The Lord willing, we hope to transition to southeastern Connecticut in late spring. So – are you looking for a great house in easy commuting distance to NYC (or know someone else who is)? Do you love stone walls and gardens and privacy, yet still with easy access to major highways and the amenities of civilization? Look no further.

We actually lived down the block before buying this place, and so we know how well-loved this house has been by its previous owners. A number of those reading this have had meetings, meals, and get-togethers here – so you know.

Here’s a set of pictures of the house and property (including how the flowers look in season), and here is the full Realtor listing on-line.* There are a lot of nice houses in Boonton. But I doubt there’s a home any more sweet than this one…!

*Note: The Bing map on-line at the Realtor.com site is not precise – the marker is a few houses short. Go to the very end of the block, and we’re the red colonial. The quietness of being on a dead-end is another plus!

Open House: Saturday, Mat 15th, 1-4 pm

Oh – and back in the 1930’s, this place won several state Yard and Garden awards. The plaques are on the living room wall and come with the house!


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Morning Unfolding

I like taking pictures in early morning light. Today, there was some rapid change in clouds and lighting, and as it turned out, I ended up taking three pictures over the span of 4 hours or so that showed the unfolding of the day:





Late morning:


Anyone who follows my pictures has seen that big pine many times – it figures prominently in sunrise pix from the backyard!


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“Deer Mr. Woodruff…”

On behalf of the Boonton/Boonton Township herd of wandering whitetails (the “Rampaging Ruminants”), I’d like to personally thank you for your donation of land and foodstuffs during this past season.

After a winter of the typical boring forest fare, my companions and I found your yard and its carefully cultivated hors d’oeuvres to be particularly engaging. A night-time stroll through your delightful property revealed such delicacies as tender shoot of tiger lily, sweet dogwood greens, fresh cucumber stem…not to mention an array of perennial flower buds too numerous to list on this brief note of thanks.

Your kindness to me and my companions has not gone unnoticed. In fact, we left deposits of our thanks in a multitude of places throughout the yard, where you’d be sure to notice. Hopefully, these symbols of gratitude warmed your heart, and have made you even more determined to set a bounteous abundance before us for the upcoming 2009 foraging season.

I studiously instructed my young ones not to forget that your property is THE place to come for midnight snacks, and they have assured me that the word has been spread to all their four-legged friends. How grateful we are for homeowners like you, who look out for our interests every season, and who are stringently outlawed (may I simply remind you) by local ordinance from using those dangerous “firesticks” of yours to turn us from strolling minstrels of appetite into appetizing venison steaks.

In closing, as we now turn our white tails toward more distant fields for the cooler season, having assisted you with keeping your many plants “under control” for yet another year, may I give you one more tangible expression of my thanks by leaving a final love offering in a pile right next to the gazebo there. For all that you’ve given me, it’s the least I can do to give something back.


Bambino Buckshot
Chief Eating Officer

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