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On Purpose

Confession: I yearn for Purpose. I live for Purpose.

I want to see the big picture, create the big strategy, and have a roadmap full of answers. I want to live on Purpose. Not just the destination of being conformed to the image of Christ. I want to know the Purpose for MY little life path so I can then make the suitable plans and…..ahem….be in control. Is that too much to ask? :>}

In other words, I want to be God, who alone knows the big-P Purpose(s).

However, in my hankering for grasping some personal big-P Purpose, I tend to neglect the very clear precepts that define my daily small-p purpose.

Actively love my neighbor. Actively use whatever gifts I have. Lead and serve, today, the people who are around me, today. I need to learn to trust that the big-P Purpose will become clear over time as I fulfill God’s little-p purposes.


For instance, walking the dog this morning around our new neighborhood in Franklin, TN, I found my mind wandering into its usual default realm of trying to figure out God’s big-P Purpose(s) for us being here. What (massive overarching goal) am I to be pursuing?? How does all this fit into The Plan??

Not only is such a thought process laughably futile, it also leads to paralysis.

What am I to do today to serve God and others? Well, that’s actually pretty clear.

It’s enough to actively, today, seek to fulfill the little-p purposes. The rest will be unveiled in time.

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