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Breaking Back

Here’s why I will never become a doctor:

Step 1: Fall off a ladder onto hard surface, leading to serious back pain.

Step 2: Make the brilliant, intuitive, well-informed self-diagnosis that nothing could be broken.

Step 3: Wait a good three months, then finally seek a “second opinion” from a real doctor when things aren’t getting a whole lot better.

Step 4: Find out, via x-ray, that you’ve actually had a broken back all along (technically, a compression fracture of vertebra L1). D’oh!


Step 5: Enroll in a 12-Step program for Dummies (although a T-shirt informs me that You Can’t Fix Stupid). Also, start physical therapy tomorrow. Finally.

This is as close to Breaking Bad as I’ve gotten all year. If I ever try to play doctor again, please remind me that I’m Faking Bad.

Moral of the story: If I could sue myself for malpractice, I’d win. Shoulda faked being a lawyer instead…

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Hush, Be Still

The human heart – my heart – is a raging ocean of desire. Waves of sinful passions, selfish wants, impure lusts – foaming, tossing, a turbulent sea of unbridled pollution.

Yet Jesus stands amid the turmoil and says, “Hush, be still.” And His Spirit descends, and calms the surging violence.

Jesus stills the most uncontrollable tempests. With a divine word of power.

It was a miracle when He did this overpowering act during a seething storm on the Sea of Galilee.

It’s even more a miracle when He dampens my madness-driven heart and brings the peace of His presence each day.

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