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50 Shades of Great

I decided, this morning, to see how many of the 150 Psalms I’d need to go through to find 50 shades of God’s greatness – a far more uplifting topic than that other “50 Shades” currently making the rounds…

Starting with Psalm 1, and being pretty selective…

  1. God prospers those who delight in His law.
  2. God knows the way of the righteous.
  3. God ensures that the wicked will not, ultimately, prosper.
  4. God is King way above all earthly kings; He rules.
  5. He is wrathful toward sin, yet also the refuge from wrath.
  6. The nations are, and will be, His inheritance.
  7. God is a shield.
  8. He lifts up the head of His trusting people.
  9. He sustains His people and delivers them from fear.
  10. Salvation and blessing belong to the Lord.
  11. He relieves us in our distress.
  12. He is gracious and hears the prayers of His people.
  13. He sets apart the godly man/woman for Himself.
  14. God’s countenance is of light, shining on His people.
  15. He puts gladness in our hearts.
  16. He makes His people dwell in safety.
  17. He gives ear to our words and groanings.
  18. God takes no pleasure in wickedness; the boastful will not stand before Him.
  19. He is a God of abundant lovingkindness.
  20. He has given us a “house” in which we have access to His presence.
  21. God is righteous.
  22. Those who take refuge in Him are glad.
  23. The Lord blesses the righteous person.
  24. He is gracious and heals.
  25. The Lord judges all the peoples; vindicating the righteous.
  26. He tries the hearts and the minds; and saves the upright in heart.
  27. As the Lord Most High, He is worthy of praise.
  28. His Name is majestic in all the earth.
  29. His splendor is displayed above the heavens.
  30. The heavens are the work of His fingers.
  31. Though He is vast and all-powerful, He takes thought of/care of mere men; He makes us special above all other creatures.
  32. He is a God of wonders.
  33. He rebukes and uproots those who oppose Him.
  34. He abides forever.
  35. God does not forget the cry of the afflicted.
  36. He lifts us up from the gates of death, that we may tell His praises.
  37. The Lord has made Himself known.
  38. When men say, “God has forgotten; He has hidden His face; He will never see it” – that’s a pure delusion.
  39. God hears the desire of the humble, and vindicates the orphan and the oppressed.
  40. The upright will behold His face.
  41. The words of the Lord are pure, as silver tried in a furnace, refined seven times.
  42. The Lord deals bountifully with those who trust in His lovingkindness.
  43. God is with the righteous generation.
  44. The Lord restores His captive people and makes them glad.
  45. We may abide in His tent, and dwell on His holy hill.
  46. He is the source and fountain of all good.
  47. The Lord is our inheritance.
  48. He counsels His people.
  49. He is at our right hand.
  50. In His presence is fulness of joy; in His right hand there are pleasures forever.

And that brings us all the way through…just Psalm 16. Let alone the other 134 Psalms, and the rest of the Scriptures!

Of course, to be on the wrong side of righteousness and justice and purity of heart is a frightening thought – because, as each hour of every day abundantly reveals, we are all thoroughly corrupt. Yet, in Christ, God Himself clothes us in forgiveness and a righteousness that only He can impart.

We are urged to “set our minds on the things above.” These bright shades of greatness, and many, many others in the Scriptures, are for more edifying than anything else. They are riches given us to make our hearts glad – let’s do just that today!


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