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Learn to Fly Here

Very funny picture!

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New and Renewed Sites

I’ve been very busy working on design and content for my other weblogs, so this one has been a bit neglected. The Impactiviti suite of sites is now completely re-branded and beefed up – my clients are now getting a much better picture of what I do.

My branding/marketing site, StickyFigure, is similarly re-designed, and loaded with a whole bunch of new reviews and commentary. I’m really enjoying building up this part of my business.

I’ve just launched a new blog, It’s a Pleasure, to document the various palate-pleasing indulgences we enjoy. This site will focus on recipes, wine, coffee, and other goodies that we try out, with recommendations.

I’m also launching and/or maintaining sites for a professional volunteer organization I serve with, and for our church.

Yes, it’s too much, but once you get the hang of it, it really isn’t that hard to create content, if you have the mind and drive for it.

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Why do we Home-School?

This piece gives a pretty accurate picture.

I have only three things to add:

1. My lovely and talented wife is pretty amazing. But everyone who knows her understands that.

2. This task – this lifestyle – is not for the self-indulgent. It’s a daily, self-denying investment.

3. Homeschooling is a very concrete expression of long-term thinking, in a short-term, quick-fix society.

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April Fool’s

It came to me in the shower on Saturday. Quickly stopping the flow of water and toweling off, I sat down at my computer to capture the flow of nonsense.

So – ADRD and its cure, Relativiti, are now launched!

Google did a great April 1 spoof also…

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